Teen driving

Typically, teen driving is for people between the ages of 16-19. In the modern world, teenagers are more likely to be driving. Studies show that per each mile drove; teem drivers are almost three chances more probable to be involved in a severe crash compared to drivers aged 20 and above. The good news is teen car crashes are preventable, and there are proven strategies that can improve the safety of non-experienced drivers on the road
It is sad that car crashes are the leading cause of death of teens in a nation like the US. Six teenagers aged 16-19 die every day from car injuries.
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What can you do to make your teen follow the driving rules?
While driving rules have proven to be effective, it is hard to enforce them when it comes to teens. Even traffic officers face a challenge of determining a teen driver at night from afar. For this reason, a guardian’s oversight is crucial. Establish self-driving ground rules with teens and tell them the consequences of breaking those rules. You can even get them in writing.